My 3 girls and I had been patients of Dr. Fred for several years and were always treated in a very caring and professional manner by him and his staff.

The transition to Dr. Marc has been both seemless and painless due to his personality and excellent skill. Root canals, implants and crowns hvae been performed by Dr. Marc and I am pleased to say they have all gone smoothly and with very little discomfort!

Thanks Dr. Fred and Dr. Marc for caring so much about our dental health!



What can I say about the Weizenberg boys? They have looked after me (and tolerated my crankiness at times) for over 20 years and now look after my two boys. Service and their gentle care and commitment keep me a loyal fan.



My family and I have been patients of Drs. Weizenberg for almost 30 years, first with Dr. Fred and more recently with Dr. Marc.

I have always enjoyed prompt and pain free care; I am not the bravest patient.

Dr. Fred saw my son through braces and now, in spite of advancing years, Dr. Marc is supervising the straightening of some very crooked British teeth! Invisalign, the “new technology” for orthodontic appliances is simply amazing. I am nearing the completion of this process and really see a huge difference. I would never have considered it had Dr. Marc not suggested it.

Thank you both for your dedication to my dental care!

Karen J.,


I would like to share my experience as a patient of Dr. Weizenberg. The story begins in 1993, I was a college student working part-time at a card shop in Markham. One day while at work I mentioned to a colleague of mine that I needed to find a dentist as I needed some work done. She suggested Dr. Fred, her mother worked at the office and she swore he was the best of the best.

Now normally I would have taken her word for the truth, however due to my childhood and the TERRIBLE experiences I had at the dentist office I was not much of a believer but I went ahead and booked an appointment.

The day came and I went in for my cleaning. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact it would have been perfect had they not informed me that I would have to return to have a cavity filled. The thought of returning to have additional work done filled my entire body with anxiety. Memories of the pain and the discomfort I felt as a child at the dentist office came flooding back to me. What could I do? The office and staff were friendly and inviting I had to get the work done because if I didn’t it would only exacerbate the situation. I told myself to be brave and I booked my appointment for the following week.

“D” day arrived and I walked into the office as a brave soldier. I was greeted by friendly staff who did their best to try to make me feel as comfortable as possible, asking me if there was anything i'd enjoy to drink before my appointment began. My name was called and I was brought to a room in the back. Dr. Fred entered shortly afterwards and greeted me with a warm smile. He explained in detail what he was going to do and assured me everything would be okay. I was told there should be no pain and if there was I was to tell him and he would stop and ensure I was comfortable.

My procedure went off without a hitch, no pain, no discomfort! There was slight numbness to one side of my face (which is expected) but it wore off within the hour. My colleague was right, Dr. Fred was the best…….or I should say one of the best.

You may be asking yourself who Dr. Fred is? Isn’t Dr. Marc the dentist you should be referring to? Well Dr. Fred is Dr. Marc’s father and he was my dentist until he retired. When I found out Dr. Fred was retiring I thought to myself, Dr. Marc has some really BIG shoes to fill. I thought there was no way Dr. Marc would be able to do it. I was proven wrong.

Dr. Marc possesses the same kind, compassionate and concerning qualities that his father showed. He is concerned for you as a patient and as an individual. His work is top quality and his chair side manner is impeccable.

This caring professionalism is seen throughout the office from the receptionists, the assistants and the hygienists. I have recommended several close friends to Dr. Marc and they all remain as patients.

I have been a patient for over 19 years and my eleven year old has no fear or anxiety when he has to go the dentist.

I have written my testimonial in a humours way however I am very serious when I tell you Dr. Marc is the best of the best and if you have chosen him as your dentist, you have made the right choice.